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Lipa Verde offers vacation-house design residences, typically elegant with luxurious interiors – fully furnished, available at a surprisingly affordable prices. What makes this place unique is its serene environment, fully secured inner perimeter and the rest of the facilities and amenities such as:

Multipurpose Clubhouse. This facility is provided to host formal and informal gatherings by families, friends or the community. This is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, Wedding and all sort of family occasions. This multi-purpose clubhouse is a great place for neighbors to become friends.

Swimming Pool. This place resonate the reason for having a great residential village like Lipa Verde – to celebrate life in a free-spirited environment with the casual bliss of friends, neighbors and families. This is a great melting point for various personalities and characters within the community.

Children’s Playground. Making sure that children are growing healthy and happy keeps the community well enough. Children are very important so we provide them with safe and a well-maintained playground for their weekends and school off days. This playground will allow children to celebrate life as they are without being exposed to the usual dangers.

Pocket Garden and Parks. These places have multiple uses and importance. For children, this is where their appreciation of Mother Nature could possibly begin (having plants and trees surrounding these mini parks). For adults, this place is a great meditation or reading place. You can enjoy the rest of the day for hours without being burned by the heat of the sun because of the trees that provides great shades. You can also spend long hours here without fearing for your security.

Gated Entrance, Perimeter Fence & Guard House. Yours and your family’s security are on top of our priorities so we made sure that every inch of the way, everybody is secured. Gated entrance with a functional guard house will help filter the traffic in and out of Lipa Verde. Perimeter fences are meant to exclude non-residents from getting into this secured community. This will help maintain peace and order and zero out all criminalities.

Jogging Paths, Concrete Roads, Curbs and Gutter. Concrete Roads will make sure that all of excess water during rain will smoothly go down the drainage, it will also make sure that the entire community are accessible by vehicles. Jogging paths are great addition to concrete roads – as residents are always on the go for morning rituals. Curbs and gutters are road enhancers, these will safely put walking residents out of the vehicles’ way.

Underground Concrete Drainage Pipes (reinforced). These are very important structures to ensure that excess rain water, water effluents and all waste water are properly channeled out.

Lipa Verde is secured to have a 24 hour water supply because of its internal supply system. All residential units have been pre-provisioned for telephone and cable service connections. Any time a resident would request for a phone or cable connection (their choice of service provider), it can be easily facilitated without delays. BATELEC Electrical Distribution System takes care of the power supply in Lipa Verde.

  • Multi - Purpose Clubhouse
  • Pocket Gardens & Park
  • Swimming Pool
  • Children's Playground
  • Jogging Paths
  • Gated Entrance
  • Perimeter Fence & Guardhouse
  • Underground Reinforced Concrete Drainage Pipes
  • Concrete Roads
  • Curbs and Gutter
  • 24 – Hour Water Supply System
  • BATELEC Electrical Distribution System
  • Provision for Television and Cable Lines Clubhouse 
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